Our Mission

We’re all here to dance ~ anyone and everyone is welcome and encouraged to join in the fun! Our goal is to create a collaborative and supportive community through the learning, practicing and socializing of West Coast Swing.

M of S is an open format community – all ages, gender expressions, backgrounds and general walks of life are welcome!


As we begin to re-open, our group classes will still be hosted at The Movement Lab!

Movement Lab is a dance, yoga and exercise studio located at 301 W. 29th St (upstairs from R-House). Starting with our January classes, Movement Lab will be handling class registrations. We’ll have links to their registration soon!

Private lessons are available by appointment and are taught at St. Luke’s Church on the Avenue in Hampden

Hours & Info

Hours vary by class & event 

Private lessons by scheduled appointment.

See our calendar for class and event info.

Follow our Facebook page for updates!

Studio:  443-529-5937

COVID & Reopening

We thank you all in advance for being patient as we navigate the not-so-straightforward task of working to re-open our dance classes after over a year of fighting a pandemic. Before you attend classes, please read our safety precautions here