West Coast Swing – Baltimore, MD
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Classes at M of S – Something for Everyone!

Our full class listing includes:

West Coast Swing level 1: Beginner Level – for those with little to no experience in this dance
WCS 101: Beginner/Intro to West Coast Swing (Weds @7p)
West Coast Swing level 2: Fundamentals Series – for those who have taken the beginner class and/or know the 4 basic structures and basic turn variations. This is a 4 month rotating series that changes topics each month. The goal of this series is to build the core techniques of the dance that will be applied to more advanced pattern variations and improvisation.
WCS 201: Building momentum (201 & 202 alternate months Weds @ 7p)
WCS 202: Stretch connection
WCS 203: Turn technique (201 & 202 alternate months Weds @ 7p)
WCS 204: Spring & bounce
West Coast Swing level 3: Special Topics/Advanced Class – this class’ topic will change each month and will give us the opportunity to play around with styling, musicality, footwork syncopations, and a myriad of other special topics!
WCS 301: Special Topics in WCS (Weds @ 8p)
Line Dance – Our line dance classes are temporarily on hold while we reschedule some programming.
Beginner:  ie–Watermelon Crawl and Good Time
Intermediate:   More advanced dances like this one

We also offer free practicas on Wednesday nights for students to come practice and get feedback on what they’ve been learning in class.

Call the studio (443.529.5937) or contact Abby or Jody with any questions you might have.

Coupon Codes!:
If you register online for a whole month class before the previous calendar month ends, you can get $10 off with one of these coupon codes! We’ll even tell you our secret! The codes are always “MofS”+[month]+[year] of the month you’re registering for!
So if you’re registering for May, the code is: MofSMay2017.
If you’re registering for June, the code is: MofSJune2017.
Etc. If you run into any problems, just call us! 443-802-9640!

Class age guidelines:

Children 16 years and older are welcome to join any of the group M of S classes without adult supervision, considering they come with and maintain a well behaved and positive attitude. Children between the ages of 13 and 15 are welcome to attend any of the group M of S classes with the attendance of an adult supervisor aged 20 or older.

If you have a child younger than the age listed and you still would like to have them attend a group M of S class, please send a detailed email to abbigaildance@gmail.com. Situations outside of the above listed description will be accepted on a case by case basis.