Classes at M of S – Something for Everyone!

Group lessons are a great way to grow your dancing with your peers! It’s informational and affordable. We use a progressive class format for all of our weekly group lessons, so you can see and feel the improvements you make week-by-week.

There are three levels to choose from:

WCS 101 – Designed for dancers with no or little West Coast Swing experience. No partner necessary!
Series begin every 1st Wed @7pm –  Sign-up here! 

WCS 200 Series – Our 200-level series comes in four varieties:

201: Momentum – Series begin every 1st Wed @7pm on rotating basis
202: Stretch Connection – Series begin every 1st Wed @7pm on rotating basis
203: Turn Technique – Series begin every 1st Wed @7pm on rotating basis
Sign-up here! 

WCS 301 – The highest level series for very dedicated students, our “Special Topics” classes vary in content theme month-to-month to get your dancing looking and feeling awesome!
Series begin every 1st Wed @8pm – Sign-up here! 

Practica – Every Wed evening after the last group classes end we open-up the dance floor for anyone who wants to practice, socialize, or ask questions about their dance!
Every Wed 9-10pm – Free practice hour!

Coupon Codes!:
If you register online for a 4-week series before the previous calendar month ends, you can get $10 off with our coupon code! The codes are always “MofS”+[month]+[year] of the month you’re registering for!
So if you’re registering for November, the code is: MofSNovember18 – registering for December, the code is: MofSDecember18, etc.

If you run into any problems, just call us! 443-529-5937

Class age guidelines:

Children 16 years and older are welcome to join any of the group M of S classes without adult supervision, considering they come with and maintain a well behaved and positive attitude. Children between the ages of 13 and 15 are welcome to attend any of the group M of S classes with the attendance of an adult supervisor aged 20 or older.

If you have a child younger than the age listed and you still would like to have them attend a group M of S class, please send a detailed email to Situations outside of the above listed description will be accepted on a case by case basis.

Beginner support policy:

Because it’s good for beginning dancers to get some experience dancing with more experienced dancers, if you are enrolled in a full month of one of our upper level courses, you’re welcome to also join the 101 level class that month (at no charge) to be supportive! This is also a great opportunity for you to revisit your basics for some review & reinforcement or to learn the alternate role.  Our only rule for this policy is: please do not give beginners feedback. If they ask you a question, please have them ask the instructor–there’s a good chance the answer will benefit the whole class!