WCS 101: Beginner/Intro Level

Wednesdays, 7-8pm

No experience or partner necessary! We’re beginner-friendly and love welcoming new people to our studio and the wonderful WCS community. Come check us out and see why so many people have fallen head over heels for this dance!

Cost Standard Pricing Student Discount
Full 4-week series $50 $45
Drop-In Class (1 hour) $18 $14

-If you qualify for a full-time student discount, contact Jody or Abby for online student discount code.

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Group support policy: If you are enrolled in one of our Fundamentals classes or our Special Topics class at 8pm, you’re welcome to join the 7pm 101 class at no charge.  This is a great opportunity to reinforce some fundamentals or start learning the opposite role! We offer this free repeat of our 101 class for community building purposes– to help our beginners learning process by having the opportunity to practice lots with upper level students! The only rule is: please don’t give the 101 students feedback; if they have questions when they’re dancing with you, please have them direct them to the teacher (since chances are the whole class will benefit by the answer!)

Review material:

Here’s a very brief review video of the patterns we cover in 101 (as well as 2 others). This is not an instructional video; just a quick review of the pattern footwork and construction.