WCS 301: Special Topics – Wednesdays, 8-9pm

Each month we pick an advanced topic to focus on and go over the concepts and techniques it takes to build a solid foundation of that topic. You can follow our Facebook page to keep updated on monthly topics or contact Abby!

Full 4-week series $65
Drop-In Class (1 hour) $20
-$10 off the 4-week series if you register in the previous month!

Registration links coming soon!

Participation in this class requires the ability to demonstrate understanding of the following prerequisites:

-4 basic West Coast Swing structures: Left Side Pass, Right Side Pass (AKA Underarm Turn), Sugar Push, Whip

-2 tuck-turn variations: Sugar Tuck and Passing Tuck (AKA Progressive Tuck)
-4 roll/turn variations: Whip with an Outside-Turn ending, Whip with an Inside-Turn ending, Left-side Pass w/Inside Turn (AKA Inside Turn or Inside Roll), Right-side pass w/Outside Turn (AKA Outside Turn or Outside Roll)

-Basic anchor step stretch (not leading/walking forward before a pattern is over and both partners are ready for the 1 of the next pattern)

These concepts are covered in full in our beginner and fundamental series (101-203) classes. The below video also reviews their footwork.  Please see an instructor outside of class (ie: during Practica) to ask questions or audition.