WCS 201-203: Fundamentals

Once you know the basics that we cover in our Beginner WCS class, we have 3 rotating topics (1 month each) that will cover the technique foundation that will take your dancing to the next level!  These topics are:

201: Momentum – being in control of your own body movement and balance within the context of each pattern
202: Anchor Stretch Connection – learning to transition smoothly from one pattern into the next
203: Turn Technique – controlling the lead and follow of turns that travel down slot

The prerequisite for all fundamentals classes are: Must know all 4 basic structures (underarm turn, side pass, sugar push & whip) and basic tuck turns and whip turn endings. These are all covered in our 101 series.

These classes will rotate Wednesdays at 7 & 8pm.

Full 4-week series$65
Drop-In Class (1 hour)$20

-$10 off the 4-week series if you register in the previous month!

~Registration Links Coming Soon~


Class Schedule (Wednesdays)

7pm  201: Momentum (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct)
202: Anchor Stretch (Feb, May, Aug, Nov)
203: Turn Technique (Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec)