Because M of S provides programming at different venues within Baltimore, restrictions & precautions at each venue may vary. We will do our best to keep this page updated with current safety protocols on this page.

Movement Lab

For classes & events run at The Movement Lab, the venue has safety precautions in place regarding occupancy level, sanitation practices, and mask-wearing. As of 5/1/2021, that includes a 25% in-person capacity restriction and mask wearing at all times indoors regardless of vaccination status. Please see for any changes to those policies.

In addition to all safety measures and policies put in place by Movement Lab for all classes, M of S will follow the following safety protocols for our partner dance classes.

As we start the transition back to having partner dance classes, we ask that everyone be patient. There will undoubtedly be situations we have not anticipated that we do not have immediate answers for.  Since the very first day of Ministry of Swing, our primary goal has been to build a safe, supportive and collaborative dance community and that priority will stay front-and-center as we navigate this situation that is brand new to all of us.

  • Class Structure: In order to make classes safe for students with different risk & risk tolerance levels, we’ll be splitting the class into 3 different pods to offer rotation options.  Those pods will be structured as follows:
    1. Rotation pod – Students in this pod will rotate as normal within the pod.  We encourage students to wait to join this pod until after receiving COVID vaccination.
    2. Non-rotation pod – Students in this pod should come to class with a partner. 
      1. Students will stay with their partner for the entirety of class.  Please note that Movement Lab’s registration page is configured for single students, so you will not register for class as a partnership.  Please arrange your partnership before class, feel free to use the M of S or Baltimore Westie Scene Facebook pages as communication tools for finding partners.  You can also email or message Jody that you’re looking for a partner and which role you prefer to dance and we will keep a running list of folks in search of partners for this pod so we can help make connections as best as we can.
      2. Students are allowed to move from this pod into the rotation pod during class if BOTH students in the partnership feel comfortable doing so, but once moved into the rotation pod, you must stay in that pod for the duration of all classes in the same day.
      3. We know that some of you will join this pod with a regular friend/partner, but some will effectively be adding someone new to their COVID bubble for this purpose only.  Please be compassionate with each other and with yourselves and be open in your communication about your risk tolerance, safety practices and mutual decisions (such as whether to move into the rotation pod).
    3. Solo/Shadow dance pod – Students in this pod will not connect with a partner and will dance the class content solo in classes that are designed for partnered content.
    4. Solo movement classes – We will also offer some solo dance movement classes that will have no partnered connection at all (so the above pods are n/a). These classes may include some westie pattern movement, but will likely go beyond that to look at overall quality of movement and incorporating different movement/dance styles/creative processes into your repertoire. We will keep these classes socially distanced at all times.
  • Instructor Involvement:
    1. Both M of S Instructors have been fully vaccinated.
    2. Rotation: The instructors may physically interact with the rotation pod (stepping into the rotation, etc).  However, no physical interaction will take place with the non-rotation or solo dance pods.  We will still circulate to those pods to offer visual and verbal feedback on observable actions or to give specific demos.
  • Policies:
    1. All students and teachers will be screened for COVID signs and symptoms upon entering the building. If you leave and return for multiple classes on the same day you may be screened multiple times – please offer compassion and understanding with the Movement Lab staff as your safety is everyone’s priority.
    2. Masks will be worn at all times while inside the building
    3. All students must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before each class
    4. Students experiencing fever or COVID, Flu or cold symptoms should not attend class.  Please see the Mayo clinic’s article here regarding symptoms of COVID v a cold v seasonal allergies.
    5. Couples will be spaced 6 feet apart during class
    6. Movement Lab’s COVID related sanitation practices have affected the finish on their dance floors.  Because of that, our new dance shoe policy is: the only shoes that will be permitted in Movement Lab’s dance studios are suede-bottomed dance shoes.

St. Luke’s Church

  • St. Luke’s will only be used for private lessons of 2 couples or less
  • Masks must be worn at all times while in the building
  • Students may be asked to bring a dance partner under certain circumstances