Abby Roberto-7 Abby SF

For over 20 years, Abby has always followed her passion for dance. With a classical dance background in ballet, tap and jazz, she quickly fell in love with partner dancing after being introduced to Argentine tango, lindy hop and blues in college. It was by happenstance that she stumbled upon West Coast Swing, and serendipity has treated her well ever since. West Coast Swing quickly became her passion and has been her focus for the past seven years.

Abby has been honored to be so intimately involved in building the Baltimore West Coast Swing scene with her husband Jody through Ministry of Swing, and values the opportunities this dance has presented her in the form of traveling to events to teach, perform and dance with her peers in various capacities.

Along with years of dance background, Abby is a trained life coach, and she utilizes those skills to cross-pollinate her dance instruction. She has a unique way of working with her students so they intentionally grow both mentally and physically in their dance.

Abby delights in quality body movement and the smooth style that defines West Coast Swing. She can’t wait to see you on the floor at Ministry of Swing!

Abby Stone Moscaritolo